Simplify Student Scheduling


Revolutionize student schedule planning, one of the most critical points on the journey towards degree completion. Students easily select preferred classes, block off breaks or life conflicts, and the College Scheduler surfaces the best possible schedules for immediate registration. Optimized schedules increase credit hours, term over term persistence and graduation rates.



Utilizing insights from Illume®, Civitas Learning’s data scientists analyzed the impact that College Scheduler had on credit hours, term over term persistence, and graduation rates.

College Scheduler Benefits

  • Improve Student Services & Success

    • Instantly & easily generate all conflict free schedules
    • Balance learning with life by scheduling around obligations like work or family
    • Maximize credit hours, improve retention and support on-time graduation
    • Reduce registration frustrations
    • Empower students to find the perfect schedule!

  • Solve the Registration Puzzle

    • Gain valuable course demand insights
    • Better predict the optimal number of sections to offer
    • Help evenly distribute class fill rates
    • Analyze break and course preference data
    • Reduce registration issues by providing superior registration services

  • Elevate Advising & Orientation

    • Increase advising efficiency by streamlining schedule planning
    • Focus on which course to take, rather than when to take them
    • Enhance orientation and ensure scheduling success for all incoming students!
    • Gain the ability to pre-load required courses for students
    • Quickly create schedules for groups of students

  • Enhance Information Technology

    • Quick and easy installation complete in 1 month
    • Offload registration traffic onto our servers for a smoother registration
    • Cloud hosting ensures our services are fast and reliable
    • Deliver Section 508 accessibility compliance with the text only version
    • Mobile & tablet ready with responsive web-design


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Learn how institutions are experiencing the benefits of College Scheduler with minimal setup and effort for the IT Department!


Learn how institutions are streamlining freshman orientation and advising sessions by registering using College Scheduler!

Simplify Scheduling

Students add courses and breaks, instantly generating all possible schedules. Customize and visually Browse the results to find the perfect schedule.


Revolutionize Registration

Analyze course demand insights to predict and plan course offerings. Leverage the enrollment optimization engine to evenly distribute class fill rates.

Elevate Advising

Free advisors from tedious schedule planning while providing tools that enhance advising services, such as  pre-loading required course work or generating schedules for special groups of students.


Quick Implementations and Seamless Integrations


Easily and securely access College Scheduler’s tools from within the Student Information System portal. Students enjoy up to the minute seat data and seamless shopping cart integration for a streamlined registration experience.


Standard implementation timelines are 30 days, including customizations! The quick installation requires minimal effort from your IT team, and we provide excellent customer support throughout the process.


By offloading course searching onto our cloud hosted solution, students will experience a faster, smoother registration. Responsive design allows students to plan their degree or schedule from any device: computer, tablet or mobile.

Integrates with PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, Workday, and Homegrown Student Information Systems. Also integrates with Degree Planning systems like My Planner and DegreeWorks.