“Thanks to everyone’s hard work on this project – the deadline was fast and we can’t express how much we appreciate each and every one of you and your hard work on this! To say that your team has impressed us would be an understatement. You have been available at all hours of the day, made every modification we have suggested or asked for – at the drop of a hat and with a willing, positive, professional attitude. I cannot wait to potentially be a reference check for your tool – the review will be glowing.”

– Lisa Flesher
Project Manager, Planning and Programs
Arizona State University

“The process of integrating College Scheduler with Banner was well-documented and identified the technical expertise required so that we could make sure to have all of the appropriate personnel working together. We were able to install the software in approximately two hours thanks to the assistance of the College Scheduler staff. Dan spent a good portion of that time walking us through the documentation and explaining the details of Banner integration. We did run into a few issues with our portal integration, but we found those were mainly due problems associated with older versions of Internet Explorer.”

– Administrator
The University of Alabama

“The students and advisors are LOVING the product. I just dropped into one of our orientation sessions for the parents and was behind a mom that had her tablet out looking at the screenshots of example schedules a student was emailing her from somewhere else on campus. Students are ``getting it.”
Truly a brilliant product. Thanks so much for your flexibility in getting this installed as soon as we did here at Tennessee Tech University.”

– Alexis Pope
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Tennessee Tech University

“We met with our student advisory group to raise the question about College Scheduler’s ease of use – They were in unanimous agreement that the tool is extremely useful and so intuitive that they felt no additional how-to videos or training was necessary. I think this is a tribute to a well-designed product!”

– Karen Schultz
(Former) University Registrar
Penn State University

“Working with the College Scheduler team raised the bar when it came to performance and customer service. The College Scheduler team met the universities special requests, immediately understanding our need. It would behoove the Course Enrollment process for any university to acquire the College Scheduler application advancing the university to the next level.”

– Cissy Robertson
Associate Business Systems Analyst, iTech Department
The University of Southern Mississippi

“Schedule Planner has been an enormous success for Ohio State. Our primary focus was to provide a more student-friendly interface to the scheduling process. As soon as Schedule Planner went live, students immediately adopted this tool in place of the other scheduling options available to them. Schedule Planner is very intuitive and allows students to more easily build a full schedule around competing demands.
The staff at College Scheduler was wonderful to work with. Their implementation plan allowed us to easily integrate Schedule Planner with Peoplesoft. An added value was that they helped us ensure that the tool was ADA compliant and address campus specific advising issues with enhancements to Schedule Planner.”

– Jack Miner
The Ohio State University

“Milwaukee Area Technical College is one of the nation’s largest institutions of its kind serving more than 40,000 students annually. With this volume of students, having enough support to help students put together class schedules was proving to be a barrier for students and staff alike. MATC also services the greater Milwaukee area of over 1.5 million people and is one of the nation’s poorest cities, so our students come with issues surrounding work, family, and transportation.
From the moment we purchased the product, the team at College Scheduler was outstanding in getting us up and running for our fall semester. We launched in July of 2012 and by the end of the semester, over 13,000 individuals had used the product. From our students, faculty, and staff, the overall comment has been that it saves a lot of time and works extremely well. Adoption rates from our students has been outstanding with very little marketing.”

– Cynthia J. Lehner, CPS
Administrative Specialist, Student Services Division
Milwaukee Area Technical College

“The College Scheduler team has been incredibly supportive of our needs – both during implementation and after the launch. The Schedule Planner has been an extremely helpful tool for our students and faculty advisors. As we have used the Planner, we have seen additional ways in which it could be helpful. The College Scheduler team embraced our ideas and have customized the system to provide even better service. Our last freshman orientation was the smoothest we have ever had – due in part to the responsiveness of College Scheduler!”

– Ginger Robbins
Registrar (former)
Mississippi College

“The Scheduler really does the job – I know this from the extensive testing I did and from the many favorable comments I have heard from students and advisors. It has improved our service to students by simplifying the scheduling process, which is daunting for students at a large university.”

– Dr. Tom Griffith
Assistant VP for Student Affairs
California State University, Sacramento

“I have nothing but good things to say about College Scheduler! Your company is fantastic!
Your PS consultants expertise is amazing, and I appreciated his resilience working with University of Wisconsin, Stout during integration! While I use several outside software vendors as do my UW counterparts, He is truly an asset to your company, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that fact!
Thank you for what you do, and I look forward to a long relationship!”

– Scott Correll
University of Wisconsin, Stout

“During our new student registration (NSR), we bring in approximately 110 students each day for 3 weeks. During the registration process, they all come to our Bear’s Den (computer lab) with advisors to register. During an orientation session, they are briefly told about the registration process and our schedule builder and are given handouts. We were pleasantly surprised to see that about half of the students were using this new functionality. In fact, we’ve had as many new users this month as we did in April during our advance registration cycle.
A tornado recently hit the UW-Platteville campus. Our campus was closed for 2 days which were two of our scheduled NSR dates. Instead of scheduling two more full days, we have rescheduled those students into already full registration days which then meant larger groups. We were anticipating, then, that registration would extend later into the day for those days; however, we have been getting things done in the same amount of time. We are attributing that, in part, to the use of the schedule builder :)”

– Kathy Nechvatal
Functional Analyst, Registrar’s Office
University of Wisconsin, Platteville

“The product has been a great benefit across campus. We have revisited our enrollment process and updated our advisor and student training to include College Scheduler. The students have adopted the software and it has received much praise:
‘Best kept secret on campus!’
‘Cut my enrollment prep and scheduling from hours to minutes.’”

– Aaron Apel
Office of the Registrar, Info System Specialist
University of Wisconsin, Madison

“College Scheduler has allowed my institution to evaluate pressure points within our schedule and to immediately address the course offering needs of our students. The software provides us with real time data to evaluate student registration trends and interests, while at the same time allows for flexibility of adding additional sections of courses to increase our credit hour production. In 2011-12 with the assistance of College Scheduler we were able to add additional sections of courses which increased our credit hours by 4%. This is an integral part of strategic scheduling to maximize course scheduling efficiency.

– Craig Aimar
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment/Director of Retention
Saginaw Valley State University

“We have been so impressed with this product that we now embed the Academic Scheduling Tool within our registration process.”

– Spencer J. Bolich
Director of Academic Advising Programs
California State University, Chico

“The installation is straight forward and we had no issues. This also took a tremendous load off of our back-end servers. (No more searching Banner for open classes). So much so, that we are now doing open enrollment. The students report that it takes a lot of pressure off registration. Our academic advisors now require their students to bring several course schedules to their advising sessions. In the past, they spent most of their time working on a student’s schedule instead of advising.”

– Bill Rampy
Director of Enterprise Systems
Texas State University, San Marcos

“We are all loving College Scheduler and everyone is finding it so easy to navigate! We are looking forward to reaching out to more and more students to introduce this wonderful tool for registration. Thank you so much for moving so quickly with this install!”

– Brandi Hill
Interim University Registrar
Tennessee Tech University

“College Scheduler is an important part of what Texas A&M, Kingsville is doing to help students take the right classes at the right times with the goal of graduating as soon as possible. Recently, our 14 professional academic advisors worked with 1,340 new freshmen during ten campus orientations. At these sessions, students were provided with 2-3 draft schedules which had been generated via College Scheduler as the first step in their freshman advising process. This streamlines the process of selecting courses and allows us to maximize our advising effort during these labor-intensive events. We typically advised and registered all students at each orientation (~120 per orientation) in less than 2.5 hours!”

– Dr. Dann Brown
Dean, University College
Texas A&M University, Kingsville

“We could not have thought of a product which has made our jobs more productive and efficient, while also providing the student with a schedule in a much shorter timeframe than ever before.”

– Rachel Friend & Jennifer W. Quirk
Director of Academic Advising Office & Director of Academic and Student Athlete Support
Fairleigh Dickenson University

“From a technical standpoint, the process of extracting our course and section data and sending it to College Scheduler is indeed a very simple and straight-forward process. Please feel free to pass my contact information along to anyone that would like to speak with me about our process and experience with this.”

– Patrick Bracco
Manager, Systems Development
Washtenaw Community College

“We’ve been monitoring how long students spend making their schedules and have seen a reduction in the time they are spending on this. We see our public use computers opening up faster than before as more students use the software.
We are also seeing less frustration on the part of the students. They used to spend hours making the perfect schedule, only to find out some of their classes were closed. With the ability to search for and return only open courses, our students are much more satisfied and getting that perfect schedule. Thank you again for a fabulous product!”

– Holly Diamond
Director of Registration/Records
Henry Ford Community College

“Dominguez Hills can attribute an increase of 20% in credit hours taken by students each semester as well as a 60% decrease in the walk-in traffic to the Academic Advising office when students need help finding classes to fit in their schedule.”

– Brandy McLelland
Registrar, Records & Registration
California State University Dominguez Hills