The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

We’re excited to announce the successful roll out of Schedule Planner at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!  With over 800 unique logins in the first two days, students were able to experience an easy registration experience for the upcoming 2016 Spring semester.  The University received help from 53 students to beta test the program before it was launched.  “It usually takes me countless hours to arrange my schedule each semester,” Rebecca Knapp, beta tester for the planner, said. “It only took [me] about 15 minutes for next semester because of the Schedule Planner.”


This program is giving students the ability to not only choose their classes, but add in errands students do throughout their week such as meetings, work and lunch breaks. “It gave me all the possible options I had for all my classes to work in my schedule,” Knapp said. “It was a great time saver.”


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is finally experiencing just how easy class registration should be.  Remember, friends don’t let friends schedule by hand!

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