“New Tool Makes Choosing Classes Easier” – Arkansas Tech University

Arkansas Tech University just announced to their students the release of a new student scheduling tool called College Scheduler (Schedule Planner).  Customizable to each institution, College Scheduler allows students to easily add classes and breaks, then with the click of one button, generate all open and conflict-free class schedules.


“It takes a lot of error out of the registration process…We’ve heard nothing but positives from those who have used it.”  College Scheduler allows students to easily find the perfect schedule from any electronic device and directly import it into the Institution’s Student Information System.


Arkansas Tech University requires students to consult with their advisor before registering in classes.  They now recommend that students utilize College Scheduler before they arrive for their advising appointments.  “Doing so will allow the advising appointment to be more beneficial to the student,” said Marika Lederman, Director of Advisement and Retention at Arkansas Tech.  “It allows us to function as advisors rather than schedulers.”


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