15 to Finish

“In American higher education, it has become the accepted standard to measure graduation rates at four-year colleges on a six-year time frame.” – Completecollege.org.

Not only is it taking longer to earn that college degree, it’s taking a lot more money.  For a public two year college it costs around $16,000 for each additional year and about $23,000 for a public 4 year college.  We know that there’s a problem when we see less than 50 percent of full-time students graduate in 4 years.  There have been several programs developed that help students graduate on time such as the “15 to Finish”.

15 to Finish is a simple idea that consists of students taking at least 15 credits each semester to graduate in 4 years.  At College Scheduler, we strongly believe in the potential of this program and we provide the perfect tool that can help students achieve this.

The reason our Schedule Planner was developed is to save students and institutions time and money.  We’ve developed a tool that’s totally free to students (Upon Institution Purchase) that automatically generates all possible class schedules.  We allow students to add in their classes, breaks, and compare schedules side by side to make sure that they find the perfect schedule.  With our Schedule Planner, we allow students to easily find that 4th or 5th class each semester to help them get on track with 15 to Finish.  We also provide students with the ability to review their class selection and add additional classes if needed even after they’ve registered.

Now that we have iPads, iPods, iPhones, and everything else “i” related, it’s time that we erase the hand written method and make class scheduling easy.

Remember: “Friends don’t let friends schedule by hand!”