Easier Registration Decreases Support Calls During Registration at the University of Auckland in New Zealand

“Since Timetable Planner launched, there have been more than 45,000 log-ins from over 11,000 students.  Enrolments have increased compared with this time last year.  In 2013 we had 5,651 EFTS (equivalent full time students) versus 6,077 EFTS in 2014.  On enrolment opening day, calls to the student contact centre decreased by 37 percent compared with 2013.  Student contact centremanager Bronwyne Hawkins notes: ‘It was great to see such an immediate decrease int he number of calls we were getting through the contact centre.  More students seem to be getting through the enrolment process faster with fewer issues.’

Engagement with student groups throughout the project was a key success factor for the design of Timetable Planner.

Director of Administration Adrienne Cleland says, ‘Students have told us that we need to make the enrolment process simpler and this new functionality is doing just that. I am impressed with the way the initiative has been designed and implemented with the voice of the student integrated into the process from the planning stages to testing. Well done to everyone involved.‘”

– University of Auckland ITS Newsletter