University of Wisconsin–Stout Students Get New Schedule Planner!

From the article:

“The Registration and Records office received two University Business Models of Efficiency awards that sent University Registrar Scott Correll and Assistant Registrar Jennifer Swoboda in June 2013 to a national conference in Florida hosted by the magazine. It was at this conference that College Scheduler LLC’s product was introduced to Correll and Swoboda.

“There were a lot of things that inspired the implementation of this program,” said Correll.

For example, at freshman orientation, new students were continuously writing out potential schedules using pencil and paper and scratching out their failed attempts until the desired schedule was obtained.

The new class scheduler generates all possible course schedules after students indicate their necessary courses along with desired breaks and schedule conflicts. It also takes closed classes out of the equation with up-to-the-minute course availability.

“You could, in essence, register for classes in three minutes,” said Correll, since schedules are generated in merely seconds.”