Madison College – Smooth Implementation And Happy Students!

The College Scheduler team is an outstanding team, providing top notch customer service and as for the product itself, I can’t say enough positives things.

The roll out of College Scheduler was so smooth, the attention we received from College Scheduler was unheard of, and they were on the ball and answered questions immediately. This team met every deadline.

Since we were working on a tight timeline to roll the product, we did not market College Scheduler; our students found it and fell in love. It is perfect for our students who are working and going to school or our students who have one last general education class to fit into their schedule. Our Advisors are thrilled to have this resource when meeting with students and performing Advising/Registration session.

My favorite comment from a student has been, “I can finally throw away my sticky notes when making my schedule.”

Keri L. Allard
Senior Analyst – Admissions | Enrollment Center
Madison Area Technical College