CEO Robert Strazzarino Gives Speech to California State University Board of Trustees

CEO Robert Strazzarino was given the privilege of speaking to the Board of Trustees about starting a company as a student, including Chancellor Timothy P. White who is pictured here with Robert.  CSU Presidents were also in attendance.

The full speech with video is available at the following address:

A few quotes from the speech:

“CSU Chico continues to enhance my professional career to this day. I speak in multiple classrooms about my story and have even brought my sales team in to give first-hand tips and experiences to the students.”

“The Chico State Internship Center also played a vital role in developing my career and experience. During my junior year, I landed a spot in the Honors Internship Program for the FBI in Washington, DC. After an extensive background check, I had a top secret clearance for the summer on the East Coast. I was able to gain unique perspectives into how a large organization is run which continue to help me to this day.”

“Due to the quality of my education at Chico State, I make it a point to hire from the institution. I strongly believe that students come out of the institution ready to work in the real world, and they are immediately productive. In my graduating class in computer science, every one of my friends received a job offer. It was a non-issue getting hired and it shows that my company is not alone in wanting to recruit California State University grads.”