Students Adopt Schedule Planner at Milwaukee Area Technical College

“Milwaukee Area Technical College is one of the nation’s largest institutions of its
kind serving more than 40,000 students annually. With this volume of students,
having enough support to help students put together class schedules was proving to
be a barrier for students and staff alike. MATC also services the greater Milwaukee
area of over 1.5 million people and is one of the nation’s poorest cities, so our
students come with issues surrounding work, family, and transportation.

From the moment we purchased the product, the team at College Scheduler was
outstanding in getting us up and running for our fall semester. We launched in July
of 2012 and by the end of the semester, over 13,000 individuals had used the
product. From our students, faculty, and staff, the overall comment has been that it
saves a lot of time and works extremely well. Adoption rates from our students has
been outstanding with very little marketing.”

Cynthia J. Lehner, CPS
Administrative Specialist, Student Services Division