Top Ten Things College Students Would Like Administrators to Know

We recently had the opportunity to pose the question “What are the top ten things college students would like administrators to know?” We got several interesting and insightful responses, which we plan to share over time right here on the College Scheduler blog. The first in this series is a top ten list from Francie Grace, the Managing Editor at

Based on research conducted by and others, the top ten things that college students would like administrators to know are:

  1. Most college students today live off campus and are at least somewhat self-supporting. Only a small percentage fit the traditional student profile;
  2. Many students must hold jobs and need scheduling flexibility. Classes available during evening and weekend hours greatly increase the likelihood that these students will be able to successfully complete their education;
  3. Many students are also parents, often with infants or preschool age children. Babysitting services increase their ability to pursue an education while simultaneously meeting family responsibilities;
  4. While still in high school, students need more guidance to determine which college best fits their individual needs. Once enrolled in college, they need more guidance to determine the best course of study;
  5. Print textbooks are expensive which creates a significant financial burden for some students. Many students would like to have less expensive, more easily updated electronic options;
  6. Finding a job after college is often difficult. In addition to an education, students would appreciate guidance on searching for a job within their field and access to a network of potential contacts;
  7. Students and their families often feel that the business of running a college takes precedence over ensuring a quality educational experience;
  8. The challenges associated with pursuing higher education are a surprise to many students. A formalized, open dialog with administrators would be of benefit to all students, especially those who are unprepared for the reality of college;
  9. Online learning options enhance the college experience; and,
  10. Fun is an important element.

Please carefully consider what these young people have to say. Based on the above ten points, are there ways in which you can improve the educational experience for students at your school? College Scheduler can help you make course scheduling easy for students, ensuring they get the most out of every semester. Give us a call at 866-885-2834 if you’d like more information.