Reducing Stress for Students

Excess stress is unpleasant and unhealthy. Too much stress, day after day, can really take a toll on even the healthiest individual. Headaches, frequent illness, sleep problems and fatigue, which are all common physical symptoms of stress, are hardly conducive to learning! Administrators at educational institutions across the country know that effectively managing stress is imperative for success when pursuing higher education. But what can you do to help students in this area?

As an administrator, you can have a significant impact on the level of student stress at your school through following these two steps:

First, set a good example by practicing effective stress management techniques yourself. Just as you are directed to put on your own oxygen mask before attempting to assist others in the event of an in-flight emergency, you must take care of yourself before you can effectively help your students. To that end, make personal health a priority. Eat a balanced, nutritious diet and get adequate exercise and sleep each day. Also, employ proven stress management techniques such as proper breathing and relaxation.

Second, look for creative ways to make the educational process less stressful. Stress from external sources falls into one of two categories – stress caused by things that can be changed and stress caused by things that cannot be changed. Consider various aspects of college life from the student’s point of view and determine what common stressors fall into the first category. Ask students for input, especially freshman who are not yet comfortable with college life. These young people often bring a fresh perspective to the table that may elude those who have already adapted.

One typically stressful area in which you can have an immediate impact is the area of course scheduling. College Scheduler, our web based course scheduling system, takes the stress out of the process of determining the best possible schedule for each individual student. Rather than spending time manually trying to work out the optimal class schedule, College Scheduler automates the process. In addition, students enjoy the convenience of accessing the system from any place where an Internet connection is available. Please give us a call at 866.885.2834 to find out more about College Scheduler and how it can be of benefit to your students and your school.