Streamline Class Scheduling with College Scheduler

When asking college or university students what they find to be the most frustrating aspect of registering for courses each term, we typically hear about some part of the class scheduling process. Students find that trying to coordinate required courses and desired electives is a real challenge. If work, sports or other extra curricular activities must be added to the equation, the challenge grows exponentially.

With College Scheduler, we have a solution that solves student scheduling problems. Designed several years ago by an undergraduate in response to frustration with the traditional scheduling process, our web-based system provides an easy and efficient way for students to plan their schedules. College Scheduler is a welcome alternative to any other course planning system that we’ve seen.

Students are not the only ones who find the usual methods of charting a course toward graduation to be time-consuming and cumbersome. We know from speaking with administrators that the standard course scheduling process often negatively impacts on staff and faculty, as well. Using current procedures, students at all levels frequently need assistance in determining the best possible schedule to meet individual educational goals. Unfortunately, this requires guidance counselors to spend valuable time working on schedule coordination rather than focusing on the more important task of helping students determine which courses to take.

We believe that College Scheduler sets a new standard for course planning and scheduling systems. Being web-based, College Scheduler allows students to use the system from anywhere that they have access to the Internet. Students especially appreciate that College Scheduler fully automates the process of finding the best class schedule, which permits them to independently generate a customized education plan.

Our simplified scheduling process is being used in schools across the nation and is available to all colleges and universities. Quick and easy to set up and requiring no additional maintenance, College Scheduler integrates with your existing student information system. If you’d like to see first hand what College Scheduler can do for your students, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions and schedule a demo to give you a better idea of how College Scheduler can streamline the course planning process for the students at your school.