Effective Ways to Free Up Time

We know that busy administrators and IT staff recognize the importance of effective time management. Using time more efficiently by employing various time management techniques, or freeing up time through traditional methods such as delegation, are both great strategies. But what about tools that actually free up time without personal behavior change or merely shifting various tasks to others?

When properly used, we’ve found that email and voice mail are both tools that can free up a significant amount of time. The ability to conduct business instantly in writing, as with email, allows for brevity and clarity as well as an easy-to-find written record. Using voice mail to capture messages so that calls may be returned at your convenience limits the number of unnecessary disruptions experienced throughout the day. We try to use these tools for optimal efficiency by setting aside specific blocks of time in which to respond to messages.

Here are a few additional tips we’d like to share that have helped us to use time more efficiently.

  • Dedicate a few minutes each morning to prioritizing activities for the day and each evening in preparation for the next day.
  • Avoid under-utilizing time by having some reading or other small task ready for any unexpected down time, such as when waiting for an appointment. Combine activities, when possible.
  • Capture random thoughts at odd times with a digital voice recorder. Carry one everywhere and record thoughts as they occur without the need to stop what you’re doing to jot them down. Go a step further and get voice recognition software that works in concert with your voice recorder to transcribe the recordings with no additional effort on your part.

While many tools and techniques foster the better use of time, to actually free up time you need to completely automate or eliminate certain tasks. College Scheduler, our course scheduling system, is designed to do just that. College Scheduler allows each student to find the best class schedule quickly and easily, without assistance. The web-based system integrates with your existing student information system and requires only a one-time set up with no further maintenance.

Make better use of your time every day through a combination of time management, delegation and time saving tools. If you’re interested in further freeing up time, call us to find out how College Scheduler can benefit the students and staff at your school.