Pave the Way to Degree Completion


Pave the way to graduation by digitizing degree planning and defining optimal paths to degree completion. With multi-year course planning, students gain valuable perspective on what their unique degree journey entails, while visualizing how course loads affect their educational goals. Administrators can build Degree Plan Templates to provide the optimal framework of courses and sequencing required to complete a degree.  Set students up for success by pre-populating their degree plans from the saved templates.  Digitally stored, easily referenced and revisable degree plans encourage students to actively engage in the degree planning process while providing valuable course demand insights to administration. Support on-time graduation and enhance degree planning with Pathway Planner!

Student Benefits

  • Digitize Degree Planning

    • Cloud hosted, secure solution for digitally storing degree plans
    • Easily share & edit plans with advisors to stay on-track
    • View degree plan revision history to ensure changes align with goals
    • Print plans or import them into Schedule Planner for registration
    • Access degree plans from computers, mobile phones & tablets
    • Text-Only version is available for use with screen readers and is Section 508 compliant

  • Provide the Power of Planning

    • Gain valuable perspective with multi-year planning
    • Visualize how course load affects time to completion
    • Take ownership of your educational journey by personalizing degree plan templates or building a custom path
    • Actively engage students in the degree planning process to increase motivation and persistence

Administration Benefits

  • Utilize Pathway Templates

    • Create 2 and 4 year degree templates to define ideal courses and sequencing needed to complete a degree
    • Streamline advising by pre-loading degree plans for new students to start them on a successful educational journey
    • Enhance communication during advising session by referencing digital plans, and ensure progress is saved and accessible

  • Gain Long Term Course Demand Insights

    • Gain valuable multi-year course demand insights
    • See the courses students actually plan to take prior to registration opening
    • Better predict the optimal number of sections to meet students’ planned courses
    • Fine tune the master schedule by adding courses where needed and eliminating excess courses


“Current and former students believed that having clear goals, and being in programs with well-defined pathways, improved their own and their peers’ chances of persisting, completing, or transferring.”


Student Voices on the Education Pathway
Public Agenda with the support of WestEd

Define a Path to Completion

Students gain valuable perspective with multi-year course planning and can easily access, review and utilize digital degree plans.

Leverage Pathway Templates

Advisors can efficiently pre-populate  students’ degree plans from templates to define ideal graduation paths, while students still enjoy the freedom to customize electives and timelines.

Optimize Course Offerings

Analyze long-term course demand reports to optimize the master schedule and better meet the course needs of students, while eliminating excess courses or sections.

Quick Implementations and Seamless Integrations


Easily and securely access College Scheduler’s tools from within the Student Information System portal. Students enjoy up to the minute seat data and seamless shopping cart integration for a streamlined registration experience.


Standard implementation timelines are 30 days, including customizations! The quick installation requires minimal effort from your IT team, and we provide excellent customer support throughout the process.


By offloading course searching onto our cloud hosted solution, students will experience a faster, smoother registration. Responsive design allows students to plan their degree or schedule from any device: computer, tablet or mobile.

Integrates with PeopleSoft, Banner, Colleague, Jenzabar, Homegrown Student Information Systems

and DegreeWorks