Monthly Webinars

Follow the links below to request to join one of our monthly webinars!


Audio and Visual Capability is needed.
Webinars typically last about an hour.


Colleague Webinars:


March 14th, 2017: 9am PDT            April 11th, 2017: 9am PDT
March 14th, 2017: 1pm PDT            April 11th, 2017: 1pm PDT


Banner Webinars:


March 8th, 2017: 9am PST            April 12th, 2017: 9am PDT
March 8th, 2017: 1pm PST           April 12th, 2017: 1pm PDT

PeopleSoft Webinars:


March 9th, 2017: 9am PST            April 13th, 2017: 9am PDT
March 9th, 2017: 1pm PST           April 13th, 2017: 1pm PDT